Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This 1974 MGB came to us looking pretty good but in need of a good deal of mechanical repair.  The owner wanted to update the electrical system as well as the performance of the engine, suspension and brakes.

A couple of small holes in the floor on both sides were repaired before KBS rust proof paint and Koolmat insulation was applied.

A lot of time was spent removing all of this old insulation and carpet.

Since KBS had an almost perfect color match to the exterior non-original paint, it was decided to clean and paint the underhood area to match. The hydraulic lines are wrapped in foil to prevent overspray.

As this paint job was done with a small sprayer and brush, we achieved a very close match. An added plus - this paint resists brake fluid and oil.

The interior was painted with the same color and POR 15 (black) was applied in a few rough areas.

Koolmat insulation was applied on the floors, tunnels, battery shelf and foot wells to cut down on heat and noise (it's also fire proof).

Next came the installation of the electric window lifts. Why not? They are fast and operate smoothly.

The wires were run along the upper door hinge and will be kept inside the door.

Something else no MG ever had, a proper fuse and relay box. Its size required it to be mounted inside the car in the passenger's footwell. The harness and fuse/relay box were sourced from Advance Auto Wire.

The customer did the dash himself with a set of electronic gauges and switches including a speedo that runs off the GPS. The downside, twenty plus connection bus behind the dash to hook them up.

The original front suspension and brakes were worn out.

Rebuilt kingpins, new poly bushings, tubular sway bar and big brake conversion.

The rear disc brake conversion sourced from Old Phartz Partz is very neat.

The old gas tank.

The new gas tank.

The engine disassembled shows worn lifters....

...and worn bearings as well as everything else.

After the rebuild with a five speed transmission, a supercharger, an aluminum cylinder head and a whole lot more.

The engine goes in fully assembled.

In position with uprated heater fan and matrix along with an aluminum crossflow radiator and fan.

This shows the absence of electrical clutter when fully wired up.

Here is the close to stock appearance of the interior. The amp powers four speakers through a smart phone or I-pod.

Look Ma! No window cranks!

The crowning touch - a new "Mohair" convertible top from Prestige tops it off!