Saturday, October 23, 2010


Once upon a time, there were three Sunbeams - Old Paint, New Paint and Tiger.

Old Paint and New Paint had their interiors done over. Like most over 40 sportscars, their seats were well worn and needed attention from the frame out. All foam and covers were replaced.

All three Sunbeams were outfitted with Koolmat - a high temperature composite insulation made with silicone and fiberglass. We have installed this product in several other cars, and it does cut down on heat and noise. On top of the Koolmat, new carpeting was installed.

Old and New Paint had their engines rebuilt and overdrive transmissions were installed.

Tiger got a new set of headers and aluminum radiator along with a new wooden dash. New 15" wheels and tires were also installed.

Now the three Sunbeams can run and play together on their favorite mountain roads.